Four Takes on Modern Floral Arrangements

Flowers add beauty and life to our homes, events and Instagram feeds. For those of you with a more modern taste or aesthetic preference, you may tend to gravitate toward greenery over floral, but we have four modern takes on flowers that you’re sure to love.


Monochromatic arrangements are those that feature only one color, and are clean, simple and refreshing, especially if they are all white. The [major] key to a monochromatic arrangement is to include at least three different types of flowers, all the same color of course, so there are varying textures within the bouquet. 

Metallic accents

Metallic has been having a moment for quite some time now, and its glamorizing effect is no different when it comes to flowers.  Be sure to use it sparingly, but feel free to mix metallic hues, like chrome, rose gold, and yellow gold with your neutral floral palates. You can’t really go wrong with metallic.

Unique vases

Unique vases can completely revolutionize a floral arrangement. Geometric shaped glass vases are sleek, minimalistic, but can make a huge impact in how your flowers are presented. Vases can be investment pieces that you have all life long, or if you’re on more of a budget and willing to do a little hunting, thrift stores are a great resource.

Muted Colors

Flowers don’t have to be saturated in color to be beautiful. Some of the most elegant arrangements are full of muted tones that are easy on the eye and can elegantly fit along with almost any décor. Some go-to muted tones include dusty pink, lilac, and olive.