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4010 Mt Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA, 94549

Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

Life is Beautiful Blog

The Best Plants For Your Family Vegetable Garden

Blaire Benson

When planning our garden, we take into account our families, seeking out plants that are hardy and non-toxic for our rambunctious pets and curious children. We believe gardening is a passion to share with the whole family. Here are a few low-maintenance (because sometimes making time is near impossible) garden-to-table plants we love for their exceptional taste!

  • There’s nothing like stepping out into the yard and popping a sun-warmed tomato off the vine, right into your mouth. Our cherry tomatoes are great for picking and we’ve got cages and trellises to keep them off the ground. 
  • If you have a drip system set up, we recommend cucumbers and summer squash. Although they require more consistent watering, the payoff is abundant. Cucumbers, one of nature’s top hydrating foods, is comprised of 96% water and will help you beat the heat this summer! And who can resist a squash’s versatility in the kitchen?
  • We love our quick growers. Radishes, for example, are only 21 days from seed to picking! Two of our favorites, the French Breakfast, an easy addition to a summer salad, and the Easter Egg, offer a blend of red, white, pink, purple and two-tone colors to your harvest.
  • Green beans are easy to grow and harvest, great for any new green thumb. Nothing beats escaping the heat in your own bean pole teepee hideaway. Plant green beans and watch as your kid’s new reading spot grows lush.

We recommend Master Nursery's Paydirt for vegetable gardens. A blend of 45% chicken manure and 55% mushroom compost and redwood sawdust is great for loosening clay soils and improving moisture retention. Come April 1, our tomatoes and peppers will be available. In mid-April, our summer squash, cucumbers, zucchinis and corn will be in stock! Stop in today and check out our selection of delectable edibles.

Happy gardening to you and your family!