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Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

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Our Favorite Spring Perennials For Bouquets

Blaire Benson

 'Pow Wow Wild Berry' Coneflower

'Pow Wow Wild Berry' Coneflower

Bring the beauty of your garden indoors by creating bouquets from plants you’ve grown yourself. We love growing a variety of flowers for cutting in the garden; there’s nothing like having an abundance of blooms to enjoy outside, in bouquets and even to share with friends! Here are a few of our favorite spring perennials that are perfect for bouquets and arrangements year after year! 

Plant Heuchera for a delicate and whimsical addition to an arrangement. With extremely long-lasting foliage, add the long stemmed white, pink and red flowers to a bouquet for a variation in height. Thriving best as a border or in a container, grow these low-maintenance and deer-resistant plants in part shade and enjoy the hummingbirds they attract! 

Did you catch our ‘Spider’ Pincushion in bloom last week? If not, check it out on our Facebook here. The uniqueness of the Protea is the perfect focal point for an arrangement. With a sturdy stem and long-lasting bloom, we can’t get enough of its intricacies. Plant in full sun and enjoy as the blooms unfold!

Alstroemeria, known as Lily of the Incas, makes a great cut flower, lasting up to three weeks in a bouquet! Plant Peruvian Lilies in full sun; these hardy, low-maintenance bloomers will add a variety of color to your garden and arrangements through summer!

Blooming from spring until the first frost, we love Echinaceas for the months of brilliant cut flowers they provide! Coneflower’s long-lasting blooms set on straight stems are the perfect addition to a bouquet. Once past their prime, use their bright orange centers à la Billy Balls and refresh the arrangement! Plant this floriferous and deer-resistant perennial in sun and water moderately.

Don’t be fooled by the delicacy of Columbine; these long-lasting bloomers can give your arrangement color for up to two weeks! Another hummingbird attractant, plant in partial shade and enjoy their variety of color and unique bloom.

We can’t forget the classic cut flower: roses! Our front driveway is in bloom with our abundant varieties. You’re bound to find a rose you’ll love. A vase of these fragrant beauties adds elegance to any room in the house!

 'Jump for Joy' Rose

'Jump for Joy' Rose