Flower Forecast

Wedding season is here and a brides’ bouquet is one of the most telling focal points of a wedding, speaking not only to her style, but also her personality. There are thoughtful, new trends and creative takes on bouquets this year that are sure to inspire all the newly engaged brides-to-be.

All photo credits:  Cari Courtright Photography .

All photo credits: Cari Courtright Photography.

Trend #1: Greenery

Greenery, a mainstay in 2016, has moved strongly into the new year. Whether a bride prefers upright or cascading bouquets, there are many hues of green to choose from. Amaranthus drapes beautifully to create a lovely cascading bouquet, which compliments Bohemian aesthetics that are popular this year. A cascading bouquet full of simple, yet lush greenery speaks to brides who are drawn to minimalism. Modern takes on cascading bouquets include casual, loose and even asymmetrical designs. Bells of Ireland add height to bouquets, while mini hydrangeas add fullness to any style. Depending on the shades of green included in a bouquet, greenery can be used as an accent color or as a neutral base that will accentuate other flowers.

Trend #2: Texture

Adding unusual elements such as pods, succulents, air plants and edibles is also on trend, as they create beautiful and varying texture within bouquets. Pods, including poppy pods and brown or green lotus pods, add unusual texture and depth to bouquets thanks to their organic shape. Xeric tillandsias, an air plant variety, have a silvery sheen and fuzzy texture, perfect for a more neutral palette, while mesic tillandsias have a smoother texture and are greener in color.

Incorporating herbs is another creative way to add texture, and can also add deeper significance to the bouquets. Many herbs have associated meanings; for example, rosemary is associated with loyalty and fidelity, basil with love and goodwill. No matter how you incorporate texture, it is sure to transform simple bouquets into unique and visually exciting pieces.

Trend #3 – Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are classic, sophisticated and stand the test of time. Looking back at wedding pictures in years to come, neutral palettes won’t look dated. Bouquets inspired by vintage glamour and monochromatic neutrals provide beautiful examples of current takes on this trend.

The sophistication of a neutral color palette lends itself perfectly to tighter, more formal bouquets. Add silver foliage to white flowers, a trend borrowed from gray’s current popularity in fashion and décor, to modernize the bouquet. Tillandsias can offer a more whimsical aesthetic for brides who are less formal.


Trend #4 - Seasonal Blooms

Flowers always look their best when used during their peak season. The romantic blooms of peonies and dahlias are so popular that some brides choose their wedding date according to the availability of these flowers. Tropical flowers have a longer blooming season, so varieties like protea are often available and add an elegant sophistication to any style bouquet. For upcoming spring weddings, we recommend garden roses and peonies. Dahlias are in peak season for summer weddings, and fall weddings can take advantage of the timely blooms of scabiosa and celosia.