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Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

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Bromeliads 101

Lauren Brookhart

Bromeliads bring a sense of the tropics into your home year round. With a wide variety of texture and color, they create stunning focal points among common foliage-heavy houseplants. And with low-maintenance watering and care, they’re a perfect plant for budding green thumbs!

Plant your Bromeliad in a mixture of bark and peat moss, both are available in our shop and florist. Most are epiphytes and in the nature, don’t require soil for nutrients and moisture. It’s important to not allow the roots to become compacted, once your Bromeliad outgrows its pot, be sure to repot it. Like most houseplants, pick a spot with bright, indirect light. Mist these humidity lovers weekly and you’ll be rewarded with healthy, green leaves.

Water them from the top, pouring into the “cup” at the base of its leaves. They store their moisture there, so ensure that water is always present in its cup. For small Bromeliads that means roughly an inch, for larger plants maintain a few inches.

 A spent bloom and at right, pups begin to leaf out.

A spent bloom and at right, pups begin to leaf out.

Don’t be alarmed when your Bromeliad bloom begins to wilt. Prune off the wilted flower and you'll notice its offsets, or pups beginning to pop up. Note that this is not a time to necessarily re-pot. Once a pup becomes ½ and in some cases ⅔ of the size of the parent, you can detach. With or without roots present, don’t hesitate to put it into the soil, it will root.

We recommend fertilizing once a month in the growing period and every 2-3 months during fall and winter. We recommend applying Grow More Bromeliad Food 17-8-22 or Epiphyte's Delight, both available in the florist!