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At Orchard Nursery, plants are our passion. We offer the most diverse selection of high-quality plants available in Northern California. Whether your garden aesthetic is classic, modern, or eclectic, we encourage you to browse our ever-changing inventory of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees from the finest growers on the west coast. Our selection is always curated to plants that thrive in our mediterranean climate. 

Our staff of California-certified professionals are ready to help, whether you are selecting new plants, or maintaining the ones you have. We want to assist you making the best choices about what to plant in your garden, as well as teach you how to cultivate your existing plants to their fullest potential. For specific care instructions, we encourage you to review our convenient online resources for garden care.

As gardeners, there’s always something to be done! Each month we share our checklist with you to ensure you aren’t forgetting to feed your acid lovers, prune your fruit trees or even move your houseplants away from the heater! Be sure to check out This Month In Your Garden under our Resources tab to keep up on what you should be seeding, weeding and feeding this month!


Did you know you can buy plants online from Monrovia and have them delivered straight to us for an easy local pick-up?

Click our “Buy Plants Online” button and get shopping! We’ll give you a call once your order arrives off the Monrovia truck - it’s that easy!


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