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4010 Mt Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA, 94549

Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

October in Your Garden


Each month we keep you up-to-date on what you should be seeding, weeding and feeding in your garden. And we’ve made it easier for you! Find all of our recommend products for this month together, in one area in our shop under the This Month In Your Garden banner! If you have trouble finding it, please ask one of our cashiers to locate it for you!

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This Month’s Sales:

  • All October long, shop 30% off Trees & Conifers! *Sale on 10/1-10/31 only and while supplies last, limited to stock on hand, no special orders. Excludes Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Citrus, Topiaries & Houseplants. All sales items are final sale. 

  • BUY 3 GET 1 FREE - Gold Rush! Our recommended amendment and mulch for both your trees and shrubs. Works great to top dress your lawn too! Just ask our cashiers for BUY 3 GET 1 FREE deal of the month and we'll have it loaded in your car for you! *Sale on 10/1-10/31 only

Fall is for planting! It’s California’s second spring!

  • Warm soils help roots take hold and establish

  • Winter rains provide deep watering

  • Giving you a jump-start on spring growth!

✔ Pumpkins have arrived! Shop our unusual collection of varieties, gourds, corn, corn stalks and mini straw bales in the nursery!

✔  Select and refrigerate Tulips and Hyacinth for 4-6 weeks and then plant outside when weather turns cold or around Thanksgiving weekend.


Didn’t catch it above? Fall is the best time for planting! The combination of cool weather, warm soil and rains (we're praying for them!) helps your plants establish fast and get their roots deep into the ground for a fuller, bushier and floriferous spring! 

  • BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! Shop our favorite amendment and mulch, Gold Rush now buy 3 get 1 free! Great for both your trees and shrubs and works great to top dress your lawn too!

  • All October long, shop 30% off Trees & Conifers!* Now is the best time to get these plants in the ground! *Sale on 10/1-10/31 only and while supplies last, limited to stock on hand, no special orders. Excludes Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Citrus, Topiaries & Houseplants. All sales items are final sale. 

  • Bulbs have arrived in Garden’s Gate, right near our outside shop! With a great selection early this month and more arriving the second week of October, come check out what beautiful varieties we have available. Upon planting, we recommend an application of E.B. Stone Organics Bulb Food 4-6-4 or Master’s Bulb Food 5-10-5 for healthy growth. For bulbs and your sweet peas and bare root plants too, apply Master’s Bone Meal 1-15-0. High in organic phosphorous, Bone Meal will help improve root systems and strengthen stems. Check out our Bulb Guide here.

    • That means planting your onion, garlic and shallot sets (bulbs) this month and next for harvest next summer!

  • Winter veggies are in! Plant kale, lettuces, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, leek, onions and more!

    • Remember to replenish your soil for planting with our recommended Paydirt that's great for veggies, roses & flowers too! 

  • Plant fall color: violas, pansies, mums, snapdragons, Iceland poppies, cyclamen, ornamental kale and cabbage. 

  • It's time to plant cover crops! Cover crops can help add nitrogen to the soil, help loosen heavy soils (yes - our clay soils too!) and pull up beneficial minerals to the surface of the soil. Come shop our selection of cover crop seeds in the Garden Shop including fava beans and crimson clover! 

  • For beautiful wild flowers come spring, now’s the time to plant! Find our seed rack near the Outside Shop and explore what beautiful poppy, sweet peas, spring annuals and more flower varieties we have available.


  • For new plants, apply E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start 4-6-2 and for those established plants apply E.B. Stone Organics All-Purpose Plant Food 5-5-5!

  • As your annual and perennial blooms fade deadhead to keep those babies flowering! We recommend using Master’s Master Bloom 0-10-10 on a regular basis for continuous flowers and to help set new ones too!

  • Whether you've already heard, cool season veggies are in, or your spring veggies are going strong, it's time for a feed! Apply E.B. Stone Organics Tomato & Vegetable Food 4-5-3 to keep both your spring and winter veggies thriving! 

  • Got citrus? They are heavy users of nitrogen and phosphorus (That's the "N" and "P" of N-P-K that you see on a bag of fertilizer!) Feed your lemons, limes, oranges, mandarins, tangerines and avocados Master Nursery's Citrus & Fruit Tree Food 12-8-4 to strengthen flower and fruit production. This is vital for any citrus that you have in a container - every time you water nutrients are leaching out of the soil. If you're noticing yellowing leaves with green veins then it's time to apply Master Nursery's Iron Plus

  • Time to feed your acid lovers - this includes your rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias! Pick up a bag of Master Nursery's Camellia, Azalea, Gardenia & Rhododendron Food 4-8-5 today! 


  • To prevent spring weeds such as oxalis and annual blue grass in the landscape or lawn apply the pre-emergent Preen Weed Preventer. Formulated to stop weeds before they start, apply now for the weed-free garden of your dreams! You'll find all our available Preen items (including organic!) on the front patio among our terracotta pots! 


  • For beautiful blue hydrangeas next bloom cycle, apply Master Nursery's Hydra Blue now! Read more on our Q & A: Hydrangeas and you'll be singing the blues! 

  • Protect cabbage family vegetables from cabbage worms with Caterpillar Killer Spray with Bt.



✔ Our annual Harvest Festival starts Saturday, October 6th! Join us every Saturday and Sunday in October for fun at the nursery from 11-3pm including live music, local vendors & activities! Plus our farm animals will be visiting the entire month, come say hello! For more info check out our Events Page! Be sure to visit down at The Lazy K for a tasting of their oh-so delicious Hot Pepper Bacon Jam and in the Atrium for a seasonal beverage! We can’t wait to see you!