Donation Request Application

We love people-to-people connections, and believe that meeting neighbors and working toward common goals help develop strong communities. We are proud to support non-profit organizations in local communities through in-kind donations of Garden Gift Cards.

To apply for a donation, this application must be completely filled out 3-4 weeks prior to the date needed for consideration. Letters, brochures, and the like may accompany the application but they do not replace it. You will receive a response from us at least 2 weeks prior to your event. If approved, you will receive an in-kind donation or a Garden Gift Card that can be used for any product at Orchard Nursery. Cash donations will not be given.

About 70% of donations are allocated for garden and community-related organizations. 20% to educational organizations and groups that support children and the remaining goes to other groups. The average donation is $25.00 to allow us to help more organizations.

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A completed application is not an agreement to honor your request. Donations will not be given more than one time within the calendar year. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again. By accepting a donation you are giving us permission to publish your organization as a recipient of a donation. While we would like to be able to meet every request, we must focus on our efforts on those that provide the most benefit to Orchard Nursery.