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This Month In Your Garden


  • To prevent spring weeds such as Oxalis and annual blue grass in the landscape or lawn, apply the pre-emergent Bonide Crabgrass & Weed Preventer. 
  • Feed Citrus with Master Bloom 0-10-10 food monthly through March to strengthen flower and fruit production.  
  • Sow wildflower and spring annual seeds for spring growth.
  • Select and plant spring blooming bulbs such as Iris and freesia daffodils this month and next.
  • Select and refrigerate Tulips and Hyacinth for 4-6 weeks and then plant outside when weather turns cold or around Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Plant Onion, Garlic and Shallot Sets (bulbs) this month and next for harvest next summer.
  • Protect cabbage family vegetables from cabbage worms with Monterey BT Catepillar Killer, a safe biological control.
  • Feed gardenias, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons with a Master Bloom 0-10-10 food monthly for flower bud development. Roses, lilacs and all flowering plants including citrus and other fruit trees will also benefit.
  • Plant sweet peas from seed or transplant for late winter blooms.