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This Month In Your Garden



  • For best selection, choose and plant Bare Root fruit trees and roses.
  • Plant potatoes, asparagus, horseradish, artichokes and rhubarb as they arrive at the nursery.
  • Plant strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.
  • Plant currants, olives, kiwis, figs and pomegranates.
  • Choose and plant your camellia while they are in bloom.
  • Spray dormant spray on fruit trees and roses, using Master Nursery Pest Fighter Oil to protect from insects and Monterey Liqui-Cop to protect from fungus diseases such as black spot, rust and powdery milder.
  • Spray Monterey Liqui-Cop on peaches and nectarines to prevent peach leaf curl.
  • Protect tender trees such as citrus and succulents from frost with N-Sulate Frost Protection Blanket. If plants are damaged by frost, do not prune off dead portions until after all danger of frost is over. 
  • Prune dormant (leafless in winter) trees and shrubs, including crape myrtles. Do not prune spring blooming plants such as lilac, quince and flowering cherry until after blooming.
  • Prune roses and take off all remaining leaves.
  • Fertilize lawns with pre-emergent fertilizer Bonide Crabgrass and Weed Preventer to control crabgrass and other summer weeds. Fertilizing will also control rust on lawns. Masters Fall and Winter Lawn Fertilizer is specifically formulated for winter temperatures.
  • Apply pre-emergent Preen around flower beds and shrubs to control summer weeds.
  • Sharpen and oil tools and lawnmower.
  • If you have not already cleaned your gutters, do so soon.