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This Month In Your Garden


  • Citrus are heavy users of nitrogen and phosphorus. Feed now with MasterNursery Citrus Food. If foliage is yellowish with green veins, apply MasterNursery Chelated Iron.
  • Citrus in containers need frequent applications of food due to the leaching that occurs every time they get watered.
  • For worm damage on Petunias, Geraniums and vegetables, apply Bacillus Thuringensis (Bt) weekly.
  • Be sure to deadhead annuals and perennials regularly as the blooms fade. This will promote new blooms. Don’t forget to feed on a regular basis, too. Use Master Bloom to help set new flowers.
  • Always be on the look out for snails, slugs, earwigs and other pests that are out in full force. Apply copper snail guards or try new Sluggo PLUS snail bait with Spinosad. If you aren’t sure what’s causing the damage, bring a sample of the foliage and one of our California Certified Nursery Professionals™ will help identify the problem and make a recommendation for a control.