Chamomile plants are made up of thin feathery branched leaves and erect fuzzy green stems that produce numerous flowering heads. The florets are flat with triangular white petals and conical sunflower yellow centers. The flowers produce strong, sweet, warming and herbaceous aromatics and flavors. Light and feathery, the leaves are juicy and taste of freshly picked Chamomile with an applelike scent.

Yielding a large concentration of volatile essential oils that are extracted Chamomile can be used to flavor ice creams, confectionery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The most common application of the flower heads is as an infusion to create chamomile tea. Heating the tea enhances the flavor of the chamomile by rapidly releasing the flower's aromatic molecules. The florets can also be used as an herbal element in salads or as a garnish alongside other herbs including tarragon and lavender to balance the taste of cold-tasting foods such as apples, cucumbers, mint, celery and fennel