Originally a pear orchard and fruit stand, Orchard Nursery was established in 1946. In the forties, Jack Schneider and his partner Stewart Wade opened the nursery, which is now owned and operated by Tom Courtright.

The main store at that time was nearly a third of its current size, and in the late fifties the on-site Florist officially opened. The freeway arrived at the end of the fifties, which is why you enter what seems to be “the back” of the property. As a result, the store was enlarged to accommodate the increase in business due to the rapid growth of the surrounding area.

The “Lazy K”, Orchard's gift house, is the former home of the original ranch owners “the Kergen’s” and once sat where the freeway is today. The name “Lazy K” comes from the cattle brand used by the family. The house was moved to its current position when the freeway was built, and was used by the Courtrights as their family home in Tom's early days at the nursery. In 1977, Tom re-opened the house as a gift shop and it has become the local community's place for exceptional giftware and home accessories.

Fun Fact: In 1949, Orchard Nursery presented its first Christmas show and over the years, the nursery has become well-known throughout the state for its extensive inventory and extravagant holiday displays and merchandise.

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