Salad Burnet is a perennial herb with a thin, light green stem and emerald green, slightly rounded, serrated leaflets. Salad Burnet is a hardy perennial and grows well in moist soil, where the weather does not get too dry. Best when used fresh, Salad Barnet imparts a cucumber-like flavor to dishes and beverages. When mature, Salad Burnet has long stems that flower during the summer, with either large red, bottle brush flowers or yellow flowers with bright red stigmas extending from the tops of the flowers.

Most often used fresh, added to salads, sandwiches and can be used as an edible garnish. Salad Burnet is also used to infuse lemonades or sparkling water with its cool cucumber flavor. Chop stems and leaves and use to flavor dips and vinegars. Combine with basil and oregano for a salad dressing. Mix chopped Salad Burnet with butter or soft cheeses for a savory spread. Toss chopped leaves into hot egg or potato dishes at the last minute. Substitute Salad Burnet for basil in recipes for a unique taste. Salad Burnet is also used to make ‘herb beer’. Salad Burnet, like other tender herbs will keep up to a week when wrapped in plastic and refrigerated in the crisper drawer