Tarragon can be used both fresh and dried, though the flavor is stronger in fresh leaves. It has a powerful flavor and can overpower other herbs; it is best used sparingly. Tarragon pairs well with egg dishes, poultry, and sauces like béarnaise. Add Tarragon to marinades or chimichurri for game meats, pair the herb with mushrooms, seafood and vegetables like artichokes and potatoes. Tarragon can be used to flavor vinegars and can be used to flavor soft drinks or steeped in hot liquids to draw out the anise flavor. Use fresh Tarragon within a few days, store refrigerated in a plastic bag.


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The must-have secret ingredient for your summer drinks

To take your summer favorites to the next level, incorporate rosemary, mint or tarragon freshly picked from the garden into your own herb simple syrup using this simple recipe. It's sure to be a refreshing addition the whole family can enjoy!