Parsley, or Curly parsley, is a commonly known herb, most often associated with being a garnish. Botanically it is known as Petroselinum crispum, though sometimes it is referred to by its original scientific classification Apium petroselinum or even Carum petroselinum. Parsley is in the carrot family, and is a biennial, meaning it flowers during its second year of life. Typically, Parsley is cultivated as an annual and harvested for not just the leaves and stems, but also for the root which has a stronger flavor as well as medicinal properties.


Italian parsley can be initially distinguished from its curly counterparts by its flat deeper green loosely-toothed leaves. In fact it can be mistaken more readily for cilantro. What makes Italian parsley stand out from other parsleys, though, is its flavor, which can be attributed to its concentration of essential oils. These oils make up the backbone of its fresh peppery, tangy and floral notes. Fresh Italian parsley is preferred to dry, as once dried its flavor and aromatics become nearly faint.

It is most often used fresh, to finish a dish or for garnish, but may also be cooked. Add to fresh cheese and cream, tomato or wine-based sauces. Pair with basil and oregano, meats, seafood, poultry, peppers, onions, squash, and fresh shelling beans. Use the mild, fresh flavor of Italian parsley in soups, stocks and pestos. To store, keep dry and refrigerated until ready to use. 


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