Purple Shiso is an Asian green that can be easily recognized by its deeply colored magenta leaves. The leaves of the Shiso are also unique, which have serrated sides that come to a pointed end. A member of the Mint family, the Purple Shiso leaf has a tender texture and offers an herbaceous flavor that is similar to cinnamon with spice-like notes.

Red Shiso

Red Shiso is popular in Japanese cuisine as it offers a subtle flavor and tender texture. Garnish sushi or sashimi with Micro Red Shiso, or pair with familiar Japanese flavors like miso and soba noodles. Make use of Micro Shisos earthy taste by combining it with the sweetness of crab and avocado salad. Other complimentary flavors include, pear, apple, cabbage, lemongrass, onion, lime, wasabi, mint, cilantro, melon, soy sauce, sesame, sea urchin, fried foods, oily fish and rice.

Magilla shiso

Magilla shiso is most commonly found in Asian cuisines. It has the appeal of adding both flavor and a bit of color to many dishes. The herb is used as a spice for fish, vegetables, rice, and soups. Add freshly chopped Magilla shiso to salads or use as a garnish. Pair chopped Magilla shiso with grated ginger and add to stir-fry, tempura or salads. Julienned or roughly chopped Magilla shiso can be used to add flavor and color to the pickling brine for cucumbers or other vegetables. The leaves are tender, and do not store for long periods of time. Wrap unwashed bunches of Magilla shiso in plastic and store in the refrigerator for a few days. Chop the ends of the stems and place a bunch of the herbs in a glass of water to keep longer. 

Green shiso

Green shiso is a definite must for Asian creations. Sushi and sashimi are perfect mates. Ideal garnish for seafood entrees and salads.