If a picture is worth a thousand words then a rose is worth two

For hundreds of years, roses have been used to convey messages without words, as each color rose has its own significance. Admired for their timeless beauty and sweet aroma, there’s no better way to express oneself than with a striking bouquet of roses. Read on to find out which color to send in any situation.

Red Rose
If you are planning to gift the coveted red rose to your significant other, then you’re in luck. Red is the color of love and the classic red rose is the hallmark of romance.

Lavender Rose
The color of royalty, lavender roses are tied to desire. While red may represent romance, lavender holds the meaning of love at first sight, making the lavender rose the choice flower to gift in a budding relationship.  

White Rose
White carries with it the connotation of purity, spirituality and is symbolic of marriage. Representative of new starts, white roses make the perfect addition to a traditional wedding bouquet. If you’re thinking of popping the question, there’s no better way than with a shiny ring to adorn the stem of a single white rose.

Pink Rose
Pink is the traditional color of femininity, but the pink rose carries additional meanings according to its hue. While deep pink petals convey gratitude and appreciation, pale shades convey admiration and happiness, making them the flower to gift just because.

Yellow Rose
Yellow roses are handpicked for good friends. Sun-colored blossoms, expressing warmth and joy, will surely brighten the recipient’s day. A traditionally gender-neutral color and representative of good-health, yellow roses are a great pick for well wishes of good health to those who are expecting. 

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