How To: Revive Your Houseplants

We all want to be a good plant parent but sometimes vacation calls, or we get busy, or we get a little worried and a bit heavy-handed and our plants start looking a little sickly. No worries - it happens to all of us.

Here are the most common problems we see with houseplants and the remedies to make them happy again!


This is the most common problem we see. It’s a bit of “over-parenting” with the watering can in hand. No plant wants to bathe in water, let those roots breathe! The easiest way to avoid this issue is to use a pot with a hole that allows for drainage.

If you are realizing this may be occurring with your plant. It’s time to repot with new soil and trim those moldy, rotten roots for a fresh start!

Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves will wilt a little when they’re thirsty!

Fiddle Leaf Fig leaves will wilt a little when they’re thirsty!

Remember that now that winter is approaching you will be cutting back on watering to every week and a half or so depending on the plant, size of the container and how well it drains. Note that if you’ve got a plant near a heater it might call for more hydration than others!


If the plant is withering - it’s time to water. For those that prolonged your vacation and are returning home to a sad looking plant - plop it into the kitchen sink or bath and give it a good, long drink. It may be a good idea to give it another long drink the day after depending on how well the soil is soaking up the water.

For those who are weary about watering Pothos and Fiddle Leaf Figs are great about telling us when they want a drink. Their leaves will slightly wilt and once hydrated, will perk right back up! Sansevieria and ZZ Plants are low-water houseplants that can go weeks without a water - really the perfect plant for the world traveler!

This poor plant was ready for a repot weeks ago!

This poor plant was ready for a repot weeks ago!

Root Bound

Although plants often only want to move up only 2” a pot size at a time, it’s important to ensure they aren’t root bound. If you’re noticing roots emerging from the bottom of your pot - it’s probably time to repot. Visit us for soil and a new pot and let us help you get your plant a little more comfortable!

Sun Burn

If you’re noticing brown or black spots on your foliage, chances are your plant is suffering from sun burn. It’s time to back your plant up out of any direct sunlight. There’s nothing you can do for the burned leaves. If they are unsightly, trim them off and give your plant a little R&R in the shade.

The Plant Equivalent to a Vitamin D Deficiency

If your houseplant’s leaves are turning pale and/or yellow and dropping off - it may be requiring a little more light. Most houseplants besides Sansevieria and ZZ Plants require a minimum of sunlight a day to look and live their best life. When in doubt, place your houseplant in bright, indirect light - it is the most common lighting that indoor plants require.

We’re got pots for your new and existing plants!

We’re got pots for your new and existing plants!

For more info on how to revive your houseplants, follow the link here.  

And as always, come visit us in the Atrium! We’re here to help, whether you need a repotting, a diagnosis or just help finding a new plant pal!