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Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

Byers' Choice Collection

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Byers' Choice Collection

Lauren Brookhart

We’re excited to announce a special collection of Byers’ Choice available in our Holiday Shop! From a pristine private collection of unique pieces including 1st editions, 1st year issues and rare limited production pieces, we’re wowed by the handiwork and details of these vintage pieces!

 7-Headed Mouse King, 1st Edition 1997. Extremely rare! The Prince, 1st Edition 1998.

7-Headed Mouse King, 1st Edition 1997. Extremely rare! The Prince, 1st Edition 1998.

Featuring hard-to-find dolls including The Lady Cookie Vendor with her candy and sweets stand, signed by Joyce herself, and the Amish Man, also signed by Joyce, that was sold only at the Chalfont, Pennsylvania studio. Both of these and many more in our collection are quite rare and made in very small numbers.

Each piece in this vintage collection is signed and dated.

 Happy Scourge, 1st Edition 1991.

Happy Scourge, 1st Edition 1991.

Add a new piece to your collection or select the perfect one as a gift for the person who has everything! Small, enchanting, easy to store and made in America with a whole lot of TLC!

Hurry in and give them a new home today!

Just caught the Byers’ bug? Read on to learn the history of where Byers’ Choice got started and how its cult following just keeps growing!


The following article is from

What does Christmas look like to you? It was the late 1960's and Joyce Byers, an amateur artist with a degree in fashion design, was disappointed in what she was seeing in the stores: aluminum tinsel trees with garish blue lights. She was looking for holiday decorations with warmth that showed respect for timeless traditions and her own memories of Christmas. 

The first Carolers graced the Byers' dining room table that Christmas, and they received compliments from all of the relatives. On a tight budget, Joyce knew what to make for presents the following year. A neighbor suggested taking some to a local store, where they sold quickly. The store was part of a federation of Woman's Exchanges and introduced the Carolers to other exchanges around the country. Soon a couple of dozen stores around the country were asking Joyce to supply them with Carolers. 


Joyce pressed her husband, Bob, and their two sons into service to help produce the figures each autumn. It wasn't long before the Carolers overwhelmed the dining room table, where the family gathered to work together. "Every year the house would be a total wreck, and I'd say that we're never doing this again!" remembers Joyce. 

But when a downturn in the economy hurt his construction business, Bob looked around and saw some potential in the Carolers. He decided to devote more of his energies to the fledgling business, and in 1978, the couple hired their first employee, and turned the garage into a workshop. 

The unique appearance and handcrafted quality of the Carolers quickly gained a following. Each year, Bob & Joyce would work with their crew of trained artisans up until Christmas Eve putting the finishing touches on Carolers. 


The two sons joined the company upon graduating from college and have played an important role in the growth of the firm, with Bob working in production and Jeff helping with marketing and design. "We always say that mom's hobby has gotten a little out of control," jokes Jeff. 

Together, the family now oversees a team of 80 artisans in Pennsylvania who handcraft those same creations that started out on the dining room table many years ago. And although the Carolers are sold in thousands of fine gift stores around the world, the company still holds to its starting roots: producing a quality product, at an affordable price, and dedicated to serving its customers and the community in the spirit of Christmas. 


We have a huge selection of new Byers’ Choice pieces in the Holiday Shop as well! Stop in today and find your favorite!