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Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

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Eggplants Are Here!

Blaire Benson

Differing in color and size, we love a variety of eggplants. Plant these sun-lovers where they will get at least six hours of sun a day; they require sun and heat to set fruit. Eggplants also grow well in containers and can be very ornamental on a deck or patio.

We recommend amending your soil with Master Nursery’s Paydirt prior to planting to help loosen our clay soil and increase moisture. Add one bag per 50 square feet. Apply Master Nursery’s Tomato and Vegetable Food 5-10-10 two to three times during the growing season. All of the varieties below will produce full-grown fruit that can be harvested after about 75 days.

A 2008 AAS award winner, ‘Hansel’ is a breeding breakthrough. Harvested anywhere between two and 10 inches, its long purple fruit is tender and lacks bitterness. It's great for frying or baking.

The ‘Gretel’ is a gourmet treat you must try! Pure and creamy white, elongated eggplants, they are ready for harvest at three to four inches long or can be picked mature at eight to nine inches with thee to six fruits per cluster. Non-bitter and nearly seedless, this eggplant is excellent for baking or frying.

‘Listada de Gandia’ is considered one of the most beautiful Italian heirlooms. Rounded, six-inch-long, tear-drop fruit boasts showy purple striping on creamy white, thin skin. They have a delicious, mild and sweet flesh.

Originating in France, the ‘Casper’ aubergine is striking with gorgeous ivory skin and an early and prolific producer, growing five to seven inches long. Its snow white flesh has a mild, succulent flavor.

With so many new vegetables at the nursery, stop in today and let us help you perfect your summer garden-to-table recipes!

 Full grown 'Gretel' eggplants!

Full grown 'Gretel' eggplants!