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Located in the Bay Area, CA, we're a family-owned garden center offering unusual and hard-to-find plants & gifts. Established 1946.

Life is Beautiful Blog

Cool Season Color

Lauren Brookhart


Our stock of fall color is beginning to arrive! Now is the perfect time to plant your cool season bloomers for vivid color through fall and winter. For the best selection, stop in Friday afternoon and shop our newly arrived beauties!


A sure source of bright color from fall through late spring, these easy-to-grow, old-fashioned favorites are available in dwarf (10-15”) or tall (18-24”) forms. Effective in borders and massed beds, they are also wonderful in containers! Great as long-lasting cut flowers, grow and decorate your fall table centerpiece with these vibrant yellow-orange blooms. Remember to remove spent blooms to prolong flowering! Calendula prefers sun, good drainage and moderate, but thorough watering - avoid overhead watering if possible.


Free-flowering violas are perfect for all those hard-to-fill gaps in your winter border! Plant for edging, massing, accent, container and spring bulb cover. Hardy, compact blooms are guaranteed in our mild winters! More heat resistant than pansies, violas will bloom winter through summer from fall plantings. Sun or light shade. (Partial summer shade in our hottest areas!) Plant in rich, moist soil with regular watering and fertilizer.


Pansies provide easy and dependable color in mass bedding, border or container plantings. Plant now for winter and spring blooms, they make a great for a spring bulb cover! Choose a spot in sun or light shade, these beauties prefer rich, moist soil with regular watering and fertilizer. Don't forget to keep spent flowers picked off to prolong blooming!


For those dreary months, there is nothing better than cheery primroses! These outstanding plants are noted for their large, showy, abundant flowers of vivid color on dwarf plants. A hardy perennial often grown as an annual, Primroses reach 4-6” high and are excellent for accent, woodland border, edging or container plantings. Very cute in straw baskets! Plant in morning sun or light shade; loose, well-drained soil and moderate watering. Remember to remove spent blooms and stems to extend blooming time. 

Flowering Cabbage and Kale

A tasty way to add color to your fall and winter garden, these hardy annuals feature attractive, edible foliage. Use for mass beds, accents and pots - their leaves also make a beautiful garnish for buffet plates. (And the colder the weather, the better their color gets!) The large, 8-10” “flowers” are brightly colored in white, cream, rose or purple. The big difference between the two: Cabbage leaf edges are not fringed like Kale. Plant in sun, well-drained, fertile soil and average watering.


For fragrance in the garden, and the house, Stock is second to none. Plant it near an entry and treat yourself, and your guests, to its delightful perfume - most noticeably on cool, overcast days, and at twilight. Stock prefers moist, well-drained soil, and sun or light shade.


Chrysanthemums AKA Mums 

A fall favorite, plant Chrysanthemums in sun or light shade and enjoy an assortment of colors and forms all season long! We love planting Mums as borders, edging and in containers for an abundance of free-flowering color. Mum's the word, and if you missed it on our newsletter, be sure to sign up here

For all your fall color, we recommend planting with Master Nursery's Eureka Planting Mix, now on sale thru the month of September. (Buy 3 and get 1 free!) Upon planting, don't forget to fertilize! Apply E.B. Stone Organics Sure Start 4-6-2, a starter fertilizer that will help your plants develop sturdy roots and healthy growth.